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Our focus revolves around three essential themes that are at the core of our mission:

1. Natural Environment: Preserving the natural diversity of our region is of utmost importance to us. We cherish and highly value the richness of our ecosystems and work diligently to ensure they remain intact and thriving within our society.

2. Green Economy: As pioneers in the green economy, our region strives to be an innovative and competitive leader. We firmly believe sustainable practices can drive economic growth and create a better future for future generations.

3. Cultural Space: Thriving communities are the heart of our region. We take pride in preserving our cultural heritage and actively utilise these traditions to foster strong and vibrant societies.

To achieve our vision, we have developed a comprehensive strategy with clear objectives for the year 2030:

1. Awareness and Visibility: Our biosphere reserve is well-known and recognized among locals and visitors who share our passion for sustainable development.

2. Education and Science: We integrate the objectives of the biosphere reserve into educational curricula and activities, ensuring that future generations are inspired to protect and cherish our natural and cultural treasures. Scientific research further supports the development of our biosphere reserve.

3. Sustainable Solutions: As a pilot area for sustainable nature use, green economy, and cultural enrichment, we strive to lead by example and inspire others to follow suit.

4. Network and Governance: We believe that inclusive and sustainable management is crucial. Our broad-based collaborative network ensures that diverse voices are heard and involved in shaping the future of our biosphere reserve.

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