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Our Projects

Co-creating cultural heritage narratives for sustainable rural landscapes

CULTIVATE seeks to understand the role of cultural heritage in shaping sustainable landscapes and communities in the context of societal challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate emergency and transitions required to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read More:

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Implementing Nature-Based Solutions for Baltic Sea Conservation and Education

The project "Supported by Nature" aims to establish educational sites in collaboration with research institutions and local governments in coastal areas, wetlands, and flowing water bodies. The goal is to educate and demonstrate how nature-based solutions (NBS)* can help reduce nutrient runoff into the Baltic Sea. The project is implemented in the UNESCO biosphere reserves along the Baltic Sea and the experiences gained will be disseminated more widely. The main funder of the project is the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program. The objective is to increase overall understanding of nature-based solutions, incorporate them into educational institutions, and show how NBS can be integrated into municipal planning processes. Throughout the project, several NBS educational sites will be developed, connected to the restoration of wetlands, coastal water habitats, and flowing water bodies. Eight Baltic Sea region biosphere reserves are partners in this project, as their mission includes developing sustainable solutions, engaging local stakeholders, and enhancing societal knowledge of marine environments. The educational sites will be designed in collaboration with local governments, universities, NGOs, and interest groups. The project, with the Estonian University of Life Sciences as the main partner, will run until November 2026. Nature-based solutions are measures that use natural processes and ecosystems to achieve human objectives while simultaneously protecting and restoring biodiversity. These solutions seek a balance between human activities and the natural environment, providing economic, social, and environmental benefits.

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